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Lets do this

Ok shameless advertising i assume, but if i don't nobody's gonna know about it, i am starting up an online shop and selling some of my works in prints and other goods formats. Right now there's only one listing, I will add more items slowly.

My shop

Thanks for viewing!

Happy snake year

Busy with Chinese new year, i hope this coming new year will be good. Chinese new year starts at Feb 10.

Found this track long time ago in a mix, but i don't know the name and artist since the track list wasn't provided. Recently I decided to try my luck and ask the DJ of the mix, and he/she is kind enough to give me the details, great!

Oh and, letit**t is garbage file hoster, i dislike it.

New Works

Currently working on a set of pics, probably will release them in DLsite.
Probably not over 10 base pictures, variations yes so total should be over 10 at least.
Most, if not, probably all of them are smoking.
bad girls smoking

Not much updates lately, i have started making comic/manga, but it mainly serves as a practice ground for using my tablet.

I have long forgotten the awesome sick stuff in Warhammer 40k, so this is revisiting, will be drawing more stuff in the series. Though this comic doesn't look that much hardcore...

Thought of buying some figures from Games Workshop, problem is i can hardly afford them, with the same price i can purchase a well done Japanese figurine, so yea...

Link to the first page:
Warhammer 40k fan comic.

In Facebook!

I have been asked to make a Facebook page, so here we go:

My Facebook page

I also made a Flickr account recently, mostly upload my hobby stuff:

My Flickr