A new start

Finally finished my exams yesterday, i am unable to answer some of the religious related questions properly, but overall should be fine, i managed to finish the exam before times up (it's a three hours exam). Played GUNZ online again, i found that their ijji reactor system is problematic, sure it gave a lot of inconvenience plus its always faulty. This company really enjoyed practice making unnecessary things that will only screw up the gaming experience. Or should i say they have little quality assurance on their products.
soul calibur setsuka
Ok for now this is my new sketch, she is Setsuka from Soul Calibur series, her kimono is one of the most challenging things to draw...
This character is difficult to use, for beginners, i believe her strength are her maneuverability and combo ability. Her moves need a lot of timing compared to other characters, one of an example is her "just" moves.
So what makes me into this character? i think is her flashy skills and combos, plus her character design is not bad. Her low pitch voice is also cute :P

Was thinking whether to do Setsuka for my doujin or not, but i guess not, not until i'm skilled enough to draw her properly i guess. i will probably pick a character with a simpler design, gonna decide it real soon!
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