Patience is the key

Did I ever mentioned how much trouble it was for cleaning up and doing line art for a picture?

At least i felt that way, its a pain in the ass to redraw the lines in the computer so most of the time i just leave it be, the results are pretty obvious, it made my pictures suck.

I don't know how many times i reminded myself good line art is so damn important and yet i mostly ignore it. The reason behind this is i am to lazy to do so, which is a pretty disastrous habit.

Either i work hard on the original sketch or spend more time at computer cleaning up the lines.

Okay here's my new drawing,onee2 yakuza oneechan again, when i was thinking about her story i didn't knew that, my story was very close to a genre called "Netorare", (寝取られ),or "NTR"in short. At that time i still don't know what is "NTR" lol.... Well, now i really enjoyed reading "NTR" contents and highly recommend it, makes u "RAGE". XD
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