Flat vs Curve

Okay, so i am actually a FBB fan, in my artistic point of view i think women with a body that has no contrast looks dull and boring, that's why i like women who are fit, those more obvious curves are really nice to look at. However, i don't like women that are too over built, until they look no more like a female, i guess balancing out is really important in pretty much everything.

Now's my new work, a dominating female cyborg yea. In order to buff herself she needs to endure a lot of pain, which is one of the part i liked the most >.<, hopefully i can draw the procedure of her being juiced up in the future.

Class: Tactical unit/Commando
Armaments: Quad barrel rail gun

Description: One of the high rank among the amazons, she lost her limbs during battle, and later replaced with mechanical parts, her rail gun does not have the equivalent firepower of single and double barrel, but fire rate is improved tremendously, she is currently carrying a dangerous mission to eliminate invaders at the factory complex. Figure shows a decapitated bio-mechanical being invader.

grotesque female cyborg

Okay so not very grotesque actually, i suppose i should change the title to "grotesque decapitated victim by dominating female cyborg" =p
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