I came across this page,www.autoblog.nl/archive/2008/11/16/itasha-gallardo-m5-en-een-stratos-in-manga-style
(if u don't understand the language just translate in google) it's an article about itasha, however the author doesn't seemed to be very happy about what being done on the car, and even went over to scorn the japanese manga style. Oh my, pulling other styles down or degrading them doesn't make ones better, it makes one look bad...they seriously need to understand this, i have seen others calling manga style junk, and seemed to enjoy doing it, and that's very sad. Imagine people calling "You/Your partner look like shit why are you all born in the first place", how would one feel? And that's what these people are doing, insulting others. I should also add whatever style one is using, it all comes down to the user, if the user is good, it is good. I seriously don't understand why people have problem on how others live, as long as they did nothing wrong, one have no rights to say, get a life.
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