Awesome is awesome

I came across ghost in the shell's solid state society ost.

I must say i am stunned, by the track "Replica" sung by Ilaria Graziano, composed by the genius Yoko Kanno. I think tracks in ghost in the shell deserve a lot more appreciation, these are the perfect example of masterpieces being overlooked. Cyberbird, Velveteen and many many more blew me away years ago.

I really hoped the coming Ghost in the shell live action film will do justice to the original, Hollywood has a habit of screwing things up, and that's one of the reasons i don't go for movie anymore. Don't believe me? See what they done to transformers: Revenge of the fallen. No offense but why do i have to pay a ticket expecting to see some transformers action, but actually they shoved us with 20% transformer, 80% US military.

Btw, i heard of a Gunnm(銃夢) a.k.a Battle Angel Alita outside japan is also receiving a live action treatment, too. I'm a huge fan of Gunnm and pray they don't screw this up too...So will it be possible of fan boy fights between these two? (Motoko vs Alita), hope not, that's just sick.
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