My favourite artist(ero)

i liked mature women, however it is sad that as far i know there aren't much artist publishing manga related on "mature type". to be accurate is a lot of them do draw stuff related to mature theme, but the art style makes the character look loli instead of mature, which makes me sick and they don't count as mature type. One of the few artist which draw mature looking woman would be "tsuya tsuya", or 艶々 in Japanese. Tsuya's incest titles are quite good, the art style might not be your typical mainstream type but there's something more than that. It really is a matter of taste when it comes to art style, and Tsuya's style rules, it suits amazingly well for that particular mature genre. Tsuya's works contained the most perverted looking characters i had ever seen, their expressions are very nice, what i called a hentai woman lol. Here is Tsuya's website, take a look if your interested, be warned there's adult content.
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