Some upgrade

Finally, i got my very first tablet, a very basic model, I still need to practice in order to get used to it. But at least i can rely less on my mouse, or perhaps even perform some fancy stuff which i am unable to do so in the past. 

What's inside:
Tablet, pen, cables, installation discs and small booklet.
walcom bamboo walcom bamboo
The tablet itself is lighter than i expected, like holding a piece of plastic. 

Starless, game art by Sei Shoujo which also made the Bible Black which i liked. I like Starless, but i really have to complain that Yuuna Mitarai's(御手洗 優奈) too frequent appearance kinda annoys me.

Great music, quite long, but if u have the patience to listen it is worth the time.

Great music by Mami Kawada. Most of her music are more loud, this one is just right!

Prints for sale!

Finally free, there was a local event at my place, sort of like a festival which is related to Japanese anime. I was selling some prints(A5 size) over there, here are some prints i am selling, if u would like to support me u can drop me an email to purchase these lol.

smoking school girlkatana assasin tattoo